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Subject: difficulty with 850ms.gz from tutorial
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difficulty with 850ms.gz from tutorial

how is this file created? i have created 850m.dsk. 850m.img, and 850m.gz. i have grub installed and functional. i have loaded 850m.gz as a  ram disk in windows. i find no reference in chapter two about it's creation. i do find this info in a pdf file...

"start WinXP on the second partition of the hard disk and the Diskless Angel Virtual SCSI Controller will manage the ordinary virtual memory disk created by grldr as described above and use it under Protected Mode. User can then put the WinXP system image into this blank virtual memory disk and save it and build up a WinXP system disk image file, 850ms.gz.

The 850ms.gz appearing in the second entry in the grldr boot-up screen is therefore a WinXP system disk image file thus created."

what is the xp system image? how does one put it into the blank virtual memory disk? (850m.gz i presume) and save it? and build up a xp sytem disk image file?

sorry if this is obvious stuff. i'm almost there. thanks for any help

note: i am using only one fresh xp installation on one partition, as opposed to the new installation on a newly created partition as the tutorial does. i don't believe this matters though.
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You can use da's Copy Volume Tool to live-copy your system drive to the virtual memory disk you create.

Or live-copy your system drive to another the root directory or any other directory of another drive; then put your system image into the virtual memory disk.

After that, you use da's Build Disk Tool to build a .dsk image from the virtual memory disk.

Look at the tutorials.

By the way, it is better to build .dsk image file rather than .gz file because the decompression of large .gz file takes much much more time sometimes.
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