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Subject: Little Angel Tutorial 2 - The Best Scenario [Print This Page]

Author: windrv    Time: 18-3-2008 11:49     Subject: Little Angel Tutorial 2 - The Best Scenario

The best case is to have plenty of ram so that you can put the whole system drive partition into it for booting.

For this to happen, your computer should support grub4dos's map --mem booting. And most computers usually support this.

When booting up, see how much available physical system memory (ram) can be detected by your system when it counts memory.

Your system drive should be about 128Mb less in size than the counted memory.

If your system meets the above conditions, then after doing Step 0 - downloading & Step 1 - Setting up of Tutorial 1, you can just select the 2nd or the 3rd entry under the grub4dos menu to boot your system drive into ram for running:

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