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Subject: Little Angel Tutorial 0 -- Before Start [Print This Page]

Author: windrv    Time: 23-5-2008 09:05     Subject: Little Angel Tutorial 0 -- Before Start

Before you start to make a bootable disk system image for running in ram, you have to:

1. customize your system image on your hard disk in the way you want

2. make sure that your system image is free from virus infection

3. try to setup your system image in such a way that it will not be easily infected by virus or other security risks

In relation to point 3 above, besides installing anti-virus or other security software of your choice, you may wish to take a simple step of turning off the autoplay feature when accessing storage devices by your system if you have not done so as follows:

a. run up My Computer

b. navigate to and double-click on \WINDOWS\system32\gpedit.msc to start it

c. select Computer Configuration > Administrative Template > System

d. on the right hand panel, right click on Turn off Autoplay and select Properties

e. select Enabled and select Turn off AutoPlay on All drives, and then press OK

The above simple steps help to prevent auto-starting viruses when you access any storage devices.

This helps to prevent the most common way of virus and malware infection.

4. setup and packages as detailed in Little Angel Tutorial 1A & 1 as at:


After taking the above steps and you make the bootable disk image file from such system image on your hard disk, your bootable disk image file can be run into ram for use. Your bootable disk image file can be setup to run from external USB storage devices or internal/external DVD drives.

By running your system into ram, you can make your computer diskless.

Also if you find your ram system or storage device(s) is/are infected with virus or malware, you simply reboot your system to run the disk image file into ram again.

As the system now running in ram is guaranteed clean, you are safe and can start to kill the virus or malware on your storage device(s) in the way or using software you find appropriate for such purpose.

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